Don Barber
Instructor for Sound 1 & 2

Don Barber studied theatre at Queen's University, and started his professional career as a sound system engineer for Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLaughlin and others. He has continued his work in concert touring audio production with such acts as Lilith Fair, Joni Mitchell, and the Bare Naked Ladies. He has been involved in a wide range of theatrical productions. Don was the General Manager of Jason Sound, and served as the project manager for the sound systems for many large musical productions, including The Phantom of the Opera, Showboat, Ragtime and the RF system for The Lion King.

Don has designed sound systems for many theatres, concert halls and clubs, his clients including the Shaw Festival, York University, and the Manitoba Theatre Centre. He is a contributing writer for Professional Sound magazine, is active with the Toronto Chamber Choir, and has been the recording engineer for several CDs of choral music.

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