Project Management

Once the Sound System Design, including all installation requirements is done, it is given to a supply and service shop for pricing. I can recommend a qualified dealer based on:

  • Installation & Technical capabilities
  • Service & Support capabilities
  • Rental Equipment inventories for augmenting the system
  • Price

When required, this can be tendered to several dealers.

Because the needs evaluation, system requirements and the Design Specification and Installation requirements have already been done, (and because I know what the equipment costs), I can negotiate a fair price.

  • I manage and coordinate the schedule.
  • Supervise the installation - often hands-on.
  • Overview the commissioning and testing.
  • Supply the operating instruction manual & documentation.
  • Provide training.

A good deal of my career has been dedicated to Project Management on a large scale. When the doors open to the paying public everything has to be in place and working perfectly. Having learned that lesson very well I am totally focused on Quality Control and Client Satisfaction.