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Ever since I was abducted by Anglicans at the age of eight and forced to sing wonderful creations by Bach and so many others, music has always been central to my life.

I still love singing.

I got my first guitar when I was fifteen, and now, many years later, my best friends are the guys I play with in the basement.

My High School offered one of the first Theatre Arts programs available; I got the theatre bug and chose Drama as my major in University. After graduation, when I was looking for something to do with myself, and not really having the talent to be a performer, I discovered the world of sound systems on the other side of the microphone.

I've had the pleasure and challenge of working for and with some incredibly talented musicians and theatre professionals on some fairly large-scale tours and productions. Recently, through Teaching, Consulting and Sound Design I have taken what I experienced and learned over the years back to schools, theatres and churches to try and achieve the best possible sound and music quality with much more modest budgets.

Don Barber Sound:

Don Barber Sound: